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The distilling process is essential if you live in an area where the water is not that clean.

Generally, the water bodies near the industrial sectors have a lot of chemicals and not suitable for drinking.

Not only for drinking, but people into research also use distilled water as there are no harmful chemicals in it. Distilled water is used in industries, laboratories, and many such places.

Best Hot Plate for Distilling

There are many hot plates available in the market today that are useful for distilling water. These hot plates are mostly multi-functional and help boil water and make other food items as well. Purchasing a hot plate that is for all-in-one purposes can be a good investment as it can be used in more than one ways.  

So now if you are wondering which hot plate is the best one to buy then don’t worry I am sharing a list of the hot plates that you can check out and decide which one is suitable for you.

1. Cadco CSR-3T Countertop for Distilling

What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

Cadco Countertop is definitely the best choice if you are looking for a sturdy hot plate. It has an eight-inch tubular element.

The plate comes with Robertshaw thermostat that enables the hot plate to get the desired temperature while controlling the temperature. The power light on the hot plate indicates if the burner is on.

It also meets the requirements for safety and sanitary. The hot plate can be used for boiling, distilling, shimmer, etc.

Key features:

  • The hot plate has a sturdy construction made from the metal.
  • Cleaning stainless housing is easy.
  • The hot plate also has a broad base with dense rubber feet that helps in getting the stability even when the large vessels are kept on it.
  • The hot plate heats up and cools down quickly.
  • It has on/off rocker switch that makes it user-friendly.

What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

2. Broil King CSR-3TB Professional Single Hot PlateWhat Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

Broil King is one of the options that you can go for if you are searching for top-rated and high power hot plate. It has high speed eight-inch tubular element with 120 Volts- 1500 Watts.

It has Robertshaw thermostat that enables to control the heat for achieving the desired temperature. This product is industrial rated that is suitable for using to boil, shimmer, saute, etc with a sturdy housing.

Due to its ability to control the temperature, it can be used for distilling water in the house as well.

Key features

  • The hot plate is made from the heavy duty steel that is of premium quality and durable.
  • The hot plate has a power light that indicates when the burners are turned on.
  • Its housing can be easily cleaned as it is made up of stainless steel.
  • It comes in the size of 14e X 4 ⅛  X 12 ¼ inch in a vibrant grey color.
  • The hot plate can be used to make a variety of food. It is of commercial quality.

What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

3. Secura Cooktop Countertop BurnerWhat Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

If you are searching for a hot plate that you can carry along while traveling, then this is the option you can consider. Secura cooktop is compact, lightweight and portable.

The best feature of this hot plate is that it operates on induction so you can use it anywhere. The cooktop has all the safety features that indicate auto-pan detection, over-heat protection with a diagnostic error message.

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It has 15 power levels along with temperature settings from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Key features:

  • The hot plate has a built-in countdown digital timer up to 170 minutes.
  • There is a digital control panel and LED display on the hot plate for viewing and easy control.
  • The hot plate also has a low and high voltage warning system.
  • This cooktop is 50% more efficient as compared to other gas stoves.
  • It is compatible with magnetic cookware made for the induction specifically.

What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

4. Moonshine distiller for DistillingWhat Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

The Moonshine distiller as the name suggests is an excellent buy if you are buying it for distilling mainly. It is also suitable for cooking food, to use in labs and much more. The hot plate is multi-purpose equipment that can be used anywhere easily.

Key features:

  • The hot plate comes with a European style plug.
  • It is also suitable for heating the food before serving.
  • The plug given with the distiller can adapt to the 220V circuit.
  • The hot plate is recommended for the objects weighing less than 10lbs.

What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

So these are some options for the hot plates that you can consider if you are planning to purchase it specifically for distilling. However many people are not aware of the fact that the distilling process for water can be done at home very quickly. To help my readers understand the process, I will share the procedure step-by-step.

How to distill water at home?

Distilling water is the process by which the minerals and chemicals in the water are removed. Such water is safe for drinking, watering plants, using in laboratories and much more. A lot of people think that the distillation process is complicated and time-consuming. But that is not true; you can literally distill tap water or rainwater using the procedure that I have mentioned below:

  1. Take water in the vessel for boiling water. Fill the water such that half of the vessel is filled only.
  2. Now take a glass bowl and place it in the vessel. Make sure that the glass bowl is floating on water. If not then reduce the level of water in the vessel.
  3. Once this apparatus is ready, turn on the flame and let the water boil.
  4. Chemicals

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What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine


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What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine What Size Electric Hot Plate For Moonshine

Equipment for Making Moonshine

Get the ultimate moonshine equipment list with advice from our experts!

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Making moonshine is easy and fun, especially when you have the right equipment. Having a good quality still is paramount, but what else is needed to make quality moonshine at home? 

Like with any craft, the process of making moonshine can be frustrating or rewarding and this is largely dependent on using the right equipment for the job. Getting tried and tested products that are designed to make moonshine can really make the process simple and fun, no matter what your experience level! 

A Drink with a Great History

Just like the process of moonshining has evolved, so has the equipment available to make moonshine. Fermentation, which is the second step in moonshining, has been traced back to 7000 BC. Of course this process was not developed specifically for moonshining, but rather for a variety of different foods and drinks. 

In the United States, moonshining is older to the country itself as it was developed by many early pioneers as a way of preserving excess grains. Farmers realized that the whiskey produced by fermenting corn was worth much more than the corn itself. The hobby quickly caught on and whiskey was even used as a form of currency. 

Of course, this all changed when Alexander Hamilton (yes, the founding father featured in the hit musical) decided that taxing whiskey would be a great way to pay back the debt caused by the American Revolution. Of course, this led to a further rebellion and more lives lost. It also caused the act of moonshining to become illicit and for it to go underground. 

With moonshining becoming illegal, shiners of the past needed to be creative in order to make the equipment needed to complete the moonshine process. Today's shiners have it easy and can get high quality equipment delivered right to their door. 

Making the Mash

Making Moonshine is a three step process. Each process needs its own equipment although some all-in-one kits have equipment that can do double or even triple duty. 

The first step of moonshining is called making the mash. During this step, simple starches are broken down to become fermentable sugars. For this to happen they need to be cooked so the molecules are able to sufficiently break down. 

Best Pot for Cooking your Mash

Our recommendations: Bayou Classic 1144 44-Quart All Purpose Stainless Steel Stockpot with Steam and Boil Basket & Parlynies Stainless Steel Stockpot

In order to cook your mash you will need a large pot. Most experienced moonshiners will use stainless steel or even copper to cook their mash, but aluminum is also fine. 

There are many debates among moonshiners as to whether aluminum is acceptable or even safe to use. There are many rumors that the use of aluminum can lead to  Alzheimer’s disease. However, this is not proven to be true. 

Aluminum is a more affordable option in comparison to stainless steel and especially copper. It is readily available, and also used in everyday cooking. However, for our recommendations, we have gone with two stainless steel options. 


The Bayou Classic 44 Quart Stainless Steel pot is made from surgical grade 304 stainless steel with a vented lid and heavy duty welded handles. It has a strong perforated basket that while it will still need to be lined with cheesecloth, will make it easy to remove solids from your mash. Advanced shiners can also lift the basket to siphon the wash to spurge the grains. 

This pot is easy to clean and is a great multipurpose pot for the kitchen as it can also be used for deep frying. 


Parlynies Stainless Steel Stockpot is a great stainless steel option for those who will be using an air still and want to only make enough moonshine for a single run. When distilling moonshine is as simple as pushing a few buttons, why not make it fresh for friends and parties? This 5-ply stainless steel pot offers even heat distribution and can heat up quickly. It is the perfect multipurpose pot that offers great value at a convenient size. 

Our recommendations: Creamore Mill Made in England Natural Beech Porridge Spurtle and HIC Brands that Cook 97050 15-Inch Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Bamboo Kitchen Spoon

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Cooking large quantities of mash requires that you are able to fully incorporate your ingredients with a quality tool. Many typical kitchens do not require these types of long spoons or sieves and therefore moonshiners need to buy them specifically in order to cook their mash properly. 


We love the HIC Brands that Cook 97050 15-Inch Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Bamboo Kitchen Spoon. We love the length of this spoon and its 100% natural materials. Make sure you choose the 15 inch option so you have the length you need to get all the way to the bottom. 

How to Run a Still with an Electric Controller

This blog provides information for educational purposes only. Read our complete summary for more info.

A still can be heated with an electric hot plate, propane, or even over a fire. However, it is best to run stills with an electric heating element and a digital controller.

When running a still with an electric heating element and digital controller there is no need to worry about filling a propane tank, open flames, or a hot plate cycling.

The best thing about running a still with a controller is the ability to easily dial in the drip rate.

Before move on, a reminder: Brewing beer is legal in every US state. However, distilling alcohol is illegal without a federal fuel alcohol or distilled spirit plant permit as well as relevant state permits.

Our distillation equipment is designed for legal uses only and the information in this article is for educational purposes only.

Please read our complete legal summary for more information on the legalities of distillation.

In order to heat a still with an electric heating element you will need a few things.

1) You will need a still – either stainless or copper.This link has all of our stills.

2) You will need an electric heating element adapter and controller.This link has our controllers and adapters.

Installing the heating element adapter on one of our stainless stills is extremely easy. Attach the heating element adapter with a tri-clamp and gasket. The full video install is located here.

It is also easy to retrofit our heating element adapter to a copper still with a  copper still heating element adapter kit. The copper adapter kit includes everything you need to add a heating element to a copper still. 

The Clawhammer Supply digital controller is able to run in a set value mode as well as in manual mode. When running a still with a digital controller it is best to run the controller in manual mode. Read the directions on switching the controller to manual mode in this article.

How to Use a Digital PID Controller to Run a Still

  1. Attach the heating element to the still.
  2. Install the thermowell for the temperature sensor in the boiler thermometer location on the still. 
  3. Install the temperature sensor from the Clawhammer Supply controller into the thermowell.

     The temperature sensor will simply slide into the thermowell. The thermowell is included in our heating element adapter kit.

    1. It is possible to install the temperature probe from the controller in the column thermometer location,  but it is best to install it in the boiler location.

  4. Fill the still with liquid.
  5. Once the still has been filled and everything is securely attached with tri-clamps and gaskets (flour paste for our copper stills) start heating the still. 
  6. Make sure the controller is in manual mode and set the power to 100%.

    Heat the still at 100% of power until the still starts producing.

  7. Once the still starts producing dial the % of power downwards to match the desired rate of output.

  8. As output slows, increase the % of power (the still will need the power increased a few times during the run to maintain the desired output rate). Always run the still by drip rate and not by temperature.

Benefits of Running a Still with an Electric Heating Element

  • No Open Flame
  • No need to worry about propane.
  • Extremely easy to dial in the drip rate of the still.
  • Replacement heating elements are inexpensive.

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