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How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

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Answered by Joy Zieme on Tue, Aug 24, 2021 9:13 AM

  • Craft beer places have sprung up across Stockholm and even fairly simple bars tend to have a good ale or two on tap. Prices for these beers are generally pretty high – expect to pay around 55–90 SEK, depending on the strength of the beer and the overall vibe of the place you’re in. Most places serve beer in 4ocl glasses, rather than pints.

Answered by Maegan Emmerich on Fri, Aug 27, 2021 11:17 PM

Drinks and Alcohol Prices in Stockholm

Expect to pay 55-60 SEK for a beer out. At a grocery, beer runs 17-21 SEK, and a bottle of wine about 90 SEK.


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???? What is the price of beer in stockholm?

  • The price of Beer (0.33 Litre Bottle) in Stockholm, Sweden is 61.809 SEK. The Beer price comparison chart shows that price for Beer (0.33 Litre Bottle) in Stockholm is -17.43 % higher than the same Beer price in Fallfors, Sweden.

???? What was the total cost of the stockholm riots?

  • Total damages were estimated at around SEK63m (£6.2m), largely sustained by residents and businesses in the afflicted neighbourhoods. What made the Stockholm riots different from 2005 in Paris and 2011 around England was that Sweden is viewed as a social democratic paradise. Discontent with the country is unthinkable to many outsiders.

???? Where does celebrity cruises dock in stockholm?

  • The port is better known as Värtahamnen but the official name is Frihamnen. Upon entering the cruise port the ships docked at Frihamnen will be on your right and the ships docked at Vartahamnen will be on your left.

???? Where does celebrity reflection dock in stockholm?

Where is the Celebrity Cruises reflection now?

  • Celebrity Cruises Reflection ship is currently scheduled for “Celebrity Revolution” drydock refurbishment on February 2, 2023. The vessel (IMO number 9506459) is currently Malta- flagged (MMSI 229074000) and registered in Valletta.

???? Where does celebrity silhouette dock in stockholm?

Where is the Celebrity cruise ship Celebrity Silhouette?

  • Celebrity Silhouette current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 54.62750 N / -5.88318 W) cruising en route to BELFAST. The AIS position was reported 7 minutes ago. The 2011-built Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship is the 4th of the Solstice-class Celebrity Cruises boats, together with Equinox, Eclipse, Solstice Reflection.

???? Where does costa cruise dock in stockholm?

Where are the cruise ports in Stockholm Sweden?

  • Stockholm has different cruise ports located in the city. These are called: Värtahamnen, Skeppsbron, Frihamnen y Stadsgården. Here you can find a map with the location of these ports. Approximately 60 km / 40 miles to the south there is the port at Nynäshamn.

???? Where does msc poesia dock in stockholm?

Frihamnen quay is the most popular Stockholm cruise port terminal. To find out how busy is the port, we included maximum passengers and crew capacity of each vessel.

???? Where does norwegian getaway dock in stockholm?

  • If you want to relax enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Stockholm and your cruise ship is docked at Stadsgarden quay you can take a 10-minute walk from the ship's pier to the Fåfängan Coffee and Restaurant.

???? Where does norwegian spirit dock in stockholm?

Where is the cruise port in Sweden Nynashamn?

  • Nynashamn is a ferry and cruise port located in county Stockholm (Sweden). The town covers a total area of 7 km2 (3 mi2) and has population around 14,000. The port started to grow from the mid-19th century but began to develop since the opening of the railway to Stockholm in 1901.
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How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

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Where does oceania marina dock in stockholm?

  • There are several main piers in central Stockholm. Smaller ships may dock right at old town at Skeppsbron. Larger ships could be docked at either Stadsgården, Frihamnen, or Värtahamnen. Statsgården is the most convenient for larger ships and you'll be able to see the old town from your ship.

Where does oceania nautica dock in stockholm?

  • Can't remember the name, but they dock nowhere near the City Center. It's in a industrial area about a 15 minute bus ride into the City Center. O typically provides free shuttle buses. I believe that you are thinking of Frihamnen, but there won't be a shuttle if Stockholm is the embarkation Port. More sharing options…

Where does princess cruise dock in stockholm?

Cruise ships arriving in Stockholm dock at one of the several berths named Stadsgården, Frihamnen Dock, (where most of the big cruise ship berth) and Skeppsbron Dock (mostly used by smaller cruise ships).

Where does royal caribbean dock in stockholm?

Cruise ships arriving in Stockholm dock at one of the several berths named Stadsgården, Frihamnen Dock, (where most of the big cruise ship berth) and Skeppsbron Dock (mostly used by smaller cruise ships).

Where does seabourn ovation dock in stockholm?

Frihamnen Quay is the most popular Stockholm cruise port terminal.

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How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm Where does zuiderdam dock in stockholm?

  • Zuiderdam is a medium ship, carrying 1916 passengers and 817 crew, and sails from Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida and San Diego, California.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

Stockholm Top Beer Places – Pub Guide – Ölkrogar

Latest places update: October 16th, 2022

However, known Beer Events and Some Recent Major News sections are continuously updated.

Stockholm is an amazing Craft Beer city – not only the Akkurat place, but pretty many other great places as well, create that picture. Also some really classic institutions connected to beer, that is worth to know, are mentioned.

  • With reservations for any (sudden) alterations made at the places.
  • Contents:
  • A  Some recent major news, alterations or additions
  • B  Beer Events
  • C  Some explanations – certain attributes are clickable in order to more easily find these places
  • D  Stockholm Top Beer Places
  • E  Places Bubbling Under or Nice To Know
  • F  Old Time Classic Institutions
  • G  Places Closed Down
  • H  Contact
  • Some recent major news, alterations or additions 
  • – New  Craft Beer and Japanese Ramen place called Guest Izakaya has opened at CT-Döbelnsgatan 8 and rises to 16 points.

– Brisket & Friends opens a second place in Stockholm city – November 2nd. This time in Södermalm at Östgötagatan 25,  just one block north of the Mikkeller Södermalm place.

– Bierhaus has strengthened their German concept by removing the 4 Firestone Walker taps and the Gotlands taps. The 10 taps at the inner bar will be removed. They have now also 16 German beers on tap, why they rises to 11 points. There will soon also be 10 international beers at the outer bar.

– Sad news that Waza Restaurang & Bryggeri, the brewpub, has closed down.

– Portal Restaurang & Bar, with Stockholm Brewing Co. Beers only, entering the list at 11 points.

– Katarina Ölkafé is still looking for a location where a second place can be established, idea now is around Ersta, eastern part of Södermalm. Suggestions are welcome.

  1. – Humle & Humle Craft Beer place at SÖ – Vartoftagatan 51 enter the list at 14 points.
  2. – Oliver Twist has finally all 20 Craft Beer Taps running again.
  3. – Tritonia in Gamla Stan has lost its pub chief – seems a bit yet undecided how the place will continue, but you can still choose among 7 Craft Beer taps and around 15 bottles/cans.

– The new version of the quality restaurant Nook has opened at SÖ –  Rosenlundsgatan 33, 150 meter south of Södra Station. The new place is bigger than the old one at Åsögatan and suits their ambition even better – and the Craft Beers will have an even greater focus. The new Nook enters the list at 15 points.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm     How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

– The Flying Elk, GS – Mälartorget 15, has reopened the old inner pub which has got stalls in a pleasant way. However, open only “if needed” – it was closed Saturday evening September 24th.

– Kaja raises to 12 points for running very nice selection beers on the 6 taps and in bottles/cans.

– Vasastan Ölhall, a new big beer place in the northern part of Stockholm with 36 taps, opens at Ynglingagatan 9, “in some weeks”, which may probably hint at the end of August or September 2022. It was initially planned to open in January, but the delay is due to the fact it was found the floor in the Kitchen was needed to be upgraded due to water damage.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

– Adelsö Bryggeri, Ekerö Brygghus and Northern Exposure breweries has opened a taproom Tunnlandet, Bromma Tunnlandsvägen 65, 5 minutes walk from the Metro station. The tap room enters the list at 15 points.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

– The Old Brewer has got a permanent Timothy Taylor Real Ale tap – in fact, the second place ever to receive that being located outside UK.

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– Restaurang W by Wijnjas rises to 14 points due to fine combinations of Craft Beers and perfect cheeses.

– Brewski brewery in Helsingborg, Sweden, opens a Barski Bar in Stockholm. Not yet known where or when.

  • – The names of the places are now clickable for reaching the places’s websites.
  • Beer Events
  • Most Thursdays – and very often Wednesdays: “Skrubbetorsdag”

Stockholm price of food and beer

I have a tourist fascination for the price of food and beer in different places I travel. Perhaps that is because I know how to find cheap airline tickets and hotel rooms, so food is the primary variable in the cost of my travels.

Ground transportation is the other variable expense and that really adds up if you require a lot of movement to different places on your trips, which is why I prefer to go to a place and stay for several days rather than extensively touring a country.

On this 2-week trip to Europe I am only visiting Stockholm, Krakow and Copenhagen.

One of the best features about hotels in Scandinavia is breakfast is usually included. A travel writer I spoke with in Sweden said the continental breakfast she had at her hotel was not sufficient to last very long into the day.

That has never been my experience at the Radisson and Nordic Choice Hotels, which are the only two hotel chains I have stayed at in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

I generally find a large selection of foods at breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal/porridge/cereals, yogurts, breads, meats, cheeses and frequently a variety of vegetables for a breakfast salad.

Breakfast generally gets me through half the day with a light lunch snack and a dinner meal from food I buy at the market. That means I get by on about $10 to $15 per day for food, and often far less when traveling in Scandinavia.

One of my first activities after arriving in Sweden was hanging out in a grocery store looking at the price of different food items. This is my fourth time in Sweden this past year with hotel stays in Malmo, Uppsala, Arlanda Airport and now Stockholm.

A trip to the grocery store

In Sigtuna, Sweden I popped into a market and checked out food prices. The two things that stand out in my mind from my quick walk around is the seafood looked inexpensive and a hot roasted chicken was 59 SEK, about $7 USD.

Farmers markets and fruit/vegetable stands are something I have seen in every town I visited in Sweden, regardless of the month of year. Last night I attended a TBEX Stockholm conference event at The Haymarket by Scandic Hotel at Hötorget square. I thought I would get the opportunity to have a few free beers and hot food. There was food, nothing hot and I received one free beer/wine ticket.

While the dining was below my expectations, the truly enjoyable part of the event was realizing Hötorget was the farmers’ market square where I shopped every day at the fruit and vegetable stands in the middle of January 1993 when I was a poor college student in Stockholm for the founding of the Education International union. I had been trying to figure out for two days where that Stockholm city square was located. I spent so much of my time shopping for fresh food at Hötorget produce stands so many years ago. In 1993 I lived in Amherst, Massachusetts as a graduate student attending UMass. I was blown away by the wide selection and quality of fresh produce available in Stockholm in January. The grocery stores in Amherst had far higher food prices and poorer quality produce than Stockholm that winter.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

Sigtuna, Sweden Farmers Market

Yesterday at an ICA Market in Stockholm I purchased bread, brie, sliced cheese, hummus, packaged salad and smoked salmon for 174 SEK ($20.47 USD).

  • baguette (fresh, and still hot bread) 18.90 SEK = $2.23 USD (about same as USA).
  • Brie 180 g. (6 ounces) 28.78 SEK = $3.39 USD (less than USA prices).
  • hummus 250 g. (8.8 oz.) 24.90 SEK = $2.93 USD (about same as USA).
  • sliced Swedish cheese 150 g (5.3 oz) 25.90 SEK = $3.05 USD (about same as USA).
  • mixed greens pasta salad bowl 50 SEK = $5.89 USD (about same as USA).
  • smoked Salmon 125 g (4.4 oz) 25 SEK ($2.95 USD) (less than USA).

A fruit plate was provided by Radisson Blu when I checked in and I have found fruit in the gyms of both hotels we stayed. Fruit in hotel gyms seems to be fairly common in the hotels I have stayed in Europe and often there are apples and oranges around the reception desk.

Restaurants are a big expense in Sweden

So far I have only had one restaurant meal (I paid for myself) and one grocery store food shopping trip in the two days since arriving in Sweden for the TBEX conference.

The restaurant meal was a Chinese restaurant with one of the least expensive menus we saw on the streets around Stockholm Central Station.

My Szechuan chicken with minimal vegetables was the least spicy dish I recall ever eating at a Chinese restaurant. The price was 125 SEK ($14.70 USD) and my wife had a more flavorful shrimp dish 159 SEK ($18.

71 USD), but still under spiced. The buffet option was 199 SEK ($23.41 USD).

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Wife went to McDonald’s for a 20 SEK diet soda ($2.36 USD). Burgers looked to be around $9 to $10, but I don’t recall exact prices. That is not where I want to dine.

Many restaurant menu entrees I glanced at looked to be priced around 160-240 SEK ($19-$27 USD) in various places I walked by.

Ice cream is sold all over the place in Stockholm summer at outdoor stands starting at 20 SEK. ($2.36 USD).

System Bogalet (Swedish liquor store)

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

Systembolaget in Sigtuna, Sweden.

In Sweden alcohol sales are controlled and if you want standard beer or liquor you have to pay restaurant/bar prices or go to Systembolaget, the government liquor stores (if you can locate one). Markets only sell 2.2% – 3.5% beer.

I have decided low alcohol beer is a waste of money after my three previous trips to Sweden in the past year. I waited for the Systembolaget shopping trip.

The price of low alcohol beer in a city market is not much cheaper than regular beer purchased at Systembolaget.

Beer prices in Systembolaget range from about 10 SEK to 20 SEK ($1.15 – $2.30) for Swedish beers and some imports with normal alcohol content (4.8 – 6.9%). There were about 10 to 15 different Swedish beers and about 25 other import beers in the Systembolaget on Klarabergsgatan, Stockholm. The only USA beer I saw was Pabst Blue Ribbon. There were a dozen or so UK beers.

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm

Swedish Beers:

  • Zeunerts Hoga Kusten 5.3%, 500 ml, 15.90SEK = $1.87 USD.
  • Eriksberg Karaktar 5.4%, 330 ml, 12.90SEK = $1.52 USD.
  • Sotiero Original 5.2%, 330 ml, 9.90 SEK = $1.17 USD.
  • Pripps Bla 5%. 330 ml, 10.90 SEK = $1.29 USD.
  • Mariestads Old Ox 6.9%, 500 ml, 18.60 SEK = $2.19 USD.

A 330ml bottle is about 10-13 SEK ($1.18-$1.53) and 500 ml bottles about 17-20 SEK ($2.00-$2.36). Other craft beers and some imports were priced in the 20 – 30 SEK range.

8 Stockholm bars with deliciously cheap beer – Routes North

Stockholm’s waterfront views and charming cobbled streets are worth raising a glass to, but the Swedish capital is still among the world’s most expensive cities for drinkers. Even fairly average bars can be soberingly expensive, with small beers going for upwards of 60 SEK (around US $6.50).

How Much Is A Beer In StockholmPic: Thomas Angermann (CC)

Drinking in Stockholm doesn’t have to be expensive though, as long as you know the right places to go. We just pounded the city’s pavements with one mission: to quench our thirst at Stockholm’s cheapest bars.

They’re not especially swanky, but all of the places listed here serve up cold beers for less than 36 SEK – at the time of writing that’s about £2.90, €3.40 or $3.75.

And several of our recommendations charge considerably less, around 25 SEK a glass. For that money, you’ll usually get a Swedish lager in a bottle or a glass. Craft beers and imported lagers cost a fair bit more.

You can see all of the bars we’ve recommended on the map below.

Retro Bar & Restaurang

How Much Is A Beer In Stockholm© Sam Howard

Retro Bar has four locations across Stockholm, which means a cheap beer is never too far away. At the Sveavägen branch (pictured), happy hour runs from 1–7pm on Monday to Friday, when you’ll find a stor stark (big, strong draught beer) for just 29 SEK. 

Food is reasonably priced then too, with a burger, chips and salad for under 100 SEK. All these bars are pretty simple, with cosy inside areas showing live sports; some of them also have outdoor seating areas for affordable summer boozing.

Where: Sveavägen 120, Sankt Eriksgatan 22, Bondegatan 25 & Hornsgatan 136More info:


Deep, down and “divey”, Carmen is the

Food and drink in Sweden | Where to eat in Sweden

Eating well and eating cheaply needn’t be mutually exclusive aims in Sweden, however. The best strategy is to fuel up on breakfast and lunch, both of which offer good-value options.

Breakfast is often included in the cost of a night’s accommodation, and most restaurants have lunchtime specials (dagens rätt) that time and again are the best-value meals you’ll find.

When eating out, resist the temptation to order a starter – throughout Sweden portions are generous and most main dishes are large enough to fill even the emptiest stomach.

Note that although tipping in Swedish restaurants is not expected, it is customary to round the bill up to the nearest 20kr or so.


Swedish food – based largely on fish, meat and potatoes, and very varied in preparation – is always tasty and well-presented and, at its best, is delicious. Sweden’s various salmon dishes are – divine either warm or cold, and a mainstay of any Swedish smorgasbord worth its salt.

Herring is mostly served marinated, but don’t let that put you off as it tastes surprisingly good. It also has a prominent place at the table during Sweden's midsummer celebrations.

Dropdown content Sauces feature prominently in Swedish cooking, often flavoured with dill or parsley; alternatively there are many delicious creamy concoctions too.

Wild berries

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