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The Frontier Pursuits added to the world of Red Dead Online gave the game new life. The most lucrative of the Frontier Pursuits is arguably the Moonshiner Role. The Moonshiner Role has its own separate dramatic storyline, jam-packed with exciting missions and a creative narrative.

The Moonshiner Role allows players to start their own moonshine business and corner the market for maximized profits. An overlooked aspect of this role is the ability to add herbs, berries, and fruits to make better moonshine. This gives outlaws a chance to net more money and at times gives a player fortified cores.

10/10 Apple

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Apples are used to make Wild Cider Moonshine and Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine. Apples can easily be bought at the general store or in the Wheeler & Rawson Catalog. They can be expensive though, costing $1 dollar per apple. If an outlaw can not afford that price for apples, players are in luck. Apples can also be found on the floor of a cottage at the Braithwaite Manor. There players will find plenty of apples for all of their moonshine needs.

9/10 Black Berry

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Black Berry is an herb / berry that is very popular in the world of Red Dead Online. Black Berry is mainly used to increase an outlaw’s health core and in the making of potent Predator Bait. For moonshiners Black Berry is used in the Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine and in the Berry Moonshine. Luckily for moonshiners this berry is found all over Red Dead Online. Black Berry grows near hills, on the edge of forests and along the Dakota River.

8/10 Canned Strawberries

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Unfortunately, for the penny pinching outlaw, strawberries can not be harvested in Red Dead Online. On the bright side they are cheap and can be bought at any General store or in the Wheeler & Rawson Catalog.

They are a key ingredient for the Berry Mint Moonshine. Canned Strawberries cost $1.20 and increase players Health Core and Stamina Core. If an outlaw does not want to spend that hard earned cash they can avoid the Berry Mint recipe all together.

7/10 Evergreen Huckleberry

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

A very elusive berry in Red Dead Online is the Evergreen Huckleberry. There are very few places where this berry can be found and most outlaws rarely come across it unless they are seeking it out. The Evergreen Huckleberry is used to make Evergreen Moonshine which has a value of $82.50. Evergreen Huckleberry can be found along the Kamassa River as it flows through Lemoyne near Shady Bell. It grows on a short shrub with pointed bright green leaves.

6/10 Ginseng

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Ginseng is used often by experienced outlaws for its healing properties. It is also a major ingredient in Potent Miracle Tonic. Moonshiners need Ginseng to make the Wild Cider Moonshine and the Evergreen Moonshine. There are two species of Ginseng in Red Dead Online, American Ginseng and Alaskan Ginseng. American Ginseng can be found near Emerald Ranch and south of Van Horn. Alaskan Ginseng can be found north of Brandywine Drop and north of Annesburg near O’Greagh’s Run.

5/10 Pears

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Pears can be bought at the General Store or in an outlaw’s Wheeler & Rawson Catalog. Pears boost the player's Health Core, Stamina Core, and Horse Cores. Pears are used to make the Tropical Punch Moonshine which will net a moonshiner $75.00 per batch. Only costing 65 cents, Pears are a huge investment for an outlaw looking to line their satchel with cash. A diligent outlaw can also find Pears looting NPCs and checking cupboards in every house and shack.

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4/10 Raspberry

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Raspberry is a key ingredient in the Berry Cobbler Moonshine. Raspberry is also used in Potent Herbivore Bait and making poison weapons. Raspberries can be eaten to refill an outlaw’s Health Core. The species of Raspberry growing in Red Dead Online is the Red Raspberry.

These can be found outside of Valentine in the Heartlands and in Ambarino. Raspberry bushes are easy to spot in an open field or along tree lines. They can also be cooked with meat.

3/10 Vanilla Flower

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

No outlaw can resist the lovely smell and flavor of Vanilla Flower. Vanilla Flower is used in both the Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine and the Tropical Punch Moonshine. The Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine is worth $82.50 per batch. This makes picking Vanilla Flower a very lucrative endeavor for the hustling outlaw. Vanilla Flower and be found in Lemoyne around the area of Nwa Bayou. They can be spotted quickly with Eagle Eye in the swamp growing on tree trunks.

2/10 Wintergreen Berry

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Wintergreen Berry is a rarely sought out herb that also refills a player’s Health Core. These berries grow on small shrubs very close to the ground and are recognized by their evergreen leaves. Wintergreen Berries can be used to craft Predator Bait and Evergreen Moonshine. They grow in areas such as; north of Brandywine Drop, in thick of Cumberland Forest, and scatter throughout New Hanover. Outlaws should fill up on precious Wintergreen Berry every time they cross their path.

1/10 Wild Mint

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Wild Mint is known for its effects of replenishing players health Core. It can also be cooked with Big Game Meat to fortify the Health Core. Wild Mint grows all over Blue Water Mash, not far from San Denis, west of north west of Strawberry, and on the bank of streams and rivers. Wild Mint is used in the Berry Mint Moonshine, which is worth $75.00. The Wild Mint is distinguished by its boxy stem and beautiful purple flowers.

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Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations

In the game, you can run the moonshine business. You make moonshine and sell them to earn a lot of money. Previously, we have talk about the Moonshine Recipes guide. This time, we will discuss Moonshine Ingredients Locations in Red Dead Online.

A recipe needs three ingredients to make one moonshine. Before that, you must get the ingredients first. So, this page will give you tips on where to find the moonshine ingredients.

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2source: Youtube

We just give you the best place to find each ingredient. You can spend some money to buy the item as compared to searching throughout the map. Several of them can also found in different places.

Ingredient Location
Apple Purchased from Catalogue.Can be found by looting dead bodies.
Black Berry Found on the bushes south west of Valentine.
Canned Apricots Purchased from Catalogue.Can be found by looting dead bodies.
Canned Peaches Purchased from Catalogue.
Canned Pineapples Purchased from Catalogue.
Canned Strawberries Purchased from Catalogue.
Caribbean Rum Collectible from Madam Nazars Bottle Maps.Can be found by looting dead bodies (Rare).
Creek Plum (The flower do not always spawn, but can be found on ANY random day. Recheck the mentioned locations to find them) The area surrounding Rhodes below Braithwaite Manor.In the Big Valley.In the plains of Dewberry Creek.
Currant Purchased from Madam Nazar.
Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest of Saint-Denis near the Bayou
Ginseng Purchased from Madam Nazar.The herb can be found in wild in almost every plain area especially around Valentine.
Golden Currant Near Kamassa river, west of Van Horn Trading Post.
Peach Purchased from Catalogue.
Pear Purchased from Catalogue.
Red Raspberry It can be found South East of Stillwater Creek.
Vanilla Flower Near Saint-Denis, South East of Lagras Lake.
Wild Mint South West of Valentine near the river.
Wintergreen Berry North of Brandywine Drop

We remind you to get the Moonshine Shack before searching the ingredients above.

So, there are Red Dead Online moonshine ingredients locations. If you want other tips for this game, make sure you comment below and share this page.

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Red Dead Online: Best Moonshine Farming Location

There are a lot of ways to become an outlaw in Red Dead Online. The obvious ways are to shoot, kill, and rob your way onto a most wanted poster, but there are plenty of other ways you can live outside the law.

Some ways, like brewing up moonshine, can even be far more profitable than going with a guns-blazing approach. But creating a perfect moonshine operation will take a strategic mind to fully maximize your profits. If you want to be the Heisenberg of the old west, we'll give you the recipe on where to find the best moonshine farming location.

How And Where To Buy Your Moonshine Stack

Creating moonshine isn't something you want to do just anywhere. You need a nice secluded place, away from the prying eye of the law, to set up your operation. That's where the moonshine shack comes into play. In order to even start investing in this lucrative business, you will need to either hit level five as a trader, or complete one trader sell mission.

Where To Buy Moonshine Ingredients Rdr2

Once you've fulfilled either or both of those requirements, you can go talk to Maggie in Emerald Ranch to buy your very own moonshine shack. Each option will cost you 25 gold bars, so it is very important you pick the right location. You can choose to build your shack in one of five regions: Tall Trees, Heartlands, Hennigan's Stead, Grizzlies, or Bayou Nwa.

The best one, in our opinion, is Tall Trees, but each has its own advantages to consider. Tall Trees is one of the easiest shacks to make your moonshine deliveries from thanks to the terrain being mostly flat and smooth. It isn't far from Blackwater, which you will need to visit often for mail and deliveries, and the Manzanita post fast travel location is very convenient.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide – Where to Find

This Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide will show you detail all the ingredient locations that you can find in the game. These ingredients are used to make moonshine, as each special recipe requires various ingredients that you need to have.

While recipes are unlocked as rewards, you are still required to find and obtain the ingredients that will be later used to make your own moonshine. Most ingredients can be bought from the Catalogue or find them in the wild.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Locations Guide

Below you will find all the locations where you can find the ingredients needed to make moonshine.

Black Berry South West of Valentine
Apple ·         Loot Dead Bodies
·         Buy from Catalogue
Canned Pineapples Buy from Catalogue
Canned Strawberries Buy from Catalogue
Caribbean Rum Buy from Madam Nazar
Canned Apricots ·         Loot Dead Bodies
·         Buy from Catalogue
Canned Peaches Buy from Catalogue
Currant Buy from Madam Nazar
Creek Plum ·         Drewberry Creek
·         Big Valley
·         South of Braithwaite Manor
Ginseng ·         Found in Valentine
·         Buy from Madam Nazar
Evergreen Huckleberry Northwest from Saint Denis
Wintergreen Berry North from Brandywine Drop
Vanilla Flower South East from Lagras Lake in Saint Denis
Wild Mint South West from Valentine
Peach Buy from Catalogue
Pear Buy from Catalogue
Golden Currant Kamassa River
Red Raspberry South East from Stillwater Creek

Read our Moonshine recipes guide to start making your own Moonshine with the ingredients in hand.

This concludes our Ingredients Locations Guide. Post your comments below.

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Moonshiner (Red Dead Online)

Promo Art

Moonshiner is one of the five Specialist Roles in Red Dead Online.


Moonshiners run underground businesses, illicitly distilling, marketing and selling spirits for profit.[1]


The player must meet Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch, where she will give them the opportunity to buy a moonshining shack for 25 gold-bars.

The player may choose from 5 different shacks located in different states.

  • Hennigan's Stead (New Austin)
  • The Heartlands (New Hanover)
  • Tall Trees (West Elizabeth)


How better to make your fortune than to become a black-market Moonshiner. Establish your own bootlegging business in this new Specialist Role – an ideal fit for players progressing along the Trader path or anyone seeking a property to call their own.

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Purchase an unassuming Moonshining Shack, the main floor acting as a front with all the details of an ordinary homestead. The basement, however, is where you'll ultimately get down to business.[2]

Moonshiner Skills

  • Bar Expansion: Construct a bar in your Moonshine Property.
  • Levens Gun Belt: A unique gun belt only available to Moonshiners.
  • Sabotage: Learn to identify Moonshine Hideouts.
  • Band Expansion: Hire a musical ensemble to entertain your patrons.
  • Still Upgrade: Still upgrades for increasing the strength of your moonshine.
  • Flammable Moonshine: Highly potent alcohol that can be poured and set alight. Not suitable for consumption.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun Variant: A visual variant of the Sawed-Off Shotgun suited for Moonshiners. Can be purchased for each owned Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • Nevin Hipflask: An ornate hipflask to be securely fastened to the Gun Belt.
  • Darrow Buckle: A precious gilt buckle with intricate metal work.
  • Recipes: Recipes for crafting a variety of Moonshine flavors.
  • Poison Bottle Pamphlet: A pamphlet recipe on how to craft Toxic Moonshine.
  • Master Distiller: Reduce the time taken to create a batch of moonshine.

Moonshiner Recipes

There are ten recipes in total, initially seven. Three of which are unlocked after reaching the first three tiers of the Moonshiner role. The last one is a secret recipe that must be found to achieve.

Marcel is the moonshine shack's cook and will handle the production and shipment of moonshine. Interacting with him in the shack's basement allows the player to choose recipes and make moonshine.



Agarita Sunrise Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1x Evergreen Huckleberry, 1x Agarita
Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine 1x Apple, 1x Blackberry, 1x Vanilla Flower
*Berry Cobbler Moonshine 1x Canned Peaches, 1x Raspberry, 1x Peach
Berry Mint Moonshine 1x Canned Strawberries, 1x Blackberry, 1x Wild Mint
Evergreen Moonshine 1x Evergreen Huckleberry, 1x Wintergreen Berry, 1x Ginseng
Poison Poppy's Moonshine 1x Prairie Poppy + 1x Oleander Sage + 1x Absinthe
*Spiced Island Moonshine 1x Canned Apricots, 1x Currant, Caribbean Rum
Tropical Punch Moonshine 1x Canned Pineapples, 1x Pear, 1x Vanilla Flower
Wild Cider Moonshine 1x Apple, 1x Ginseng, 1x Currant
*Wild Creek Moonshine 1x Wild Mint, 1x Vanilla Flower, 1x Creek Plum

*: Only unlocked upon reaching rank 1, rank 10 and rank 5. (In that order)

Video Walkthrough

Red Dead Online- Moonshiners – Intro Mission (Rescue Cook and Get Equipment)


  • In order to unlock the “Poison Poppy's Moonshine” Recipe, the player must find the pamphlet in a chest during a random event.[3]




Red Dead Online’s new Moonshine update brings out new recipes and ingredients.

This guide lists all the different moonshine recipes that we’ve discovered on our journey, including the steps to unlock them and the ingredients that they require.

Each of the recipes requires a certain set of ingredients, and is usually gated behind some level of progress. A few of the Red Dead Online Moonshine recipes are unlocked from the start though.

Recipies are specific in Red Dead Online’s adaptation of making Moonshine.

You cannot make moonshine by just tossing random ingredients into the pot, you will have to work with very specific recipes that will require specific ingredients in certain amounts.

So far, they will all be naturally unlocked as you progress through the Ranks of Moonshine but there’s quite a few that we’ve yet to find. The rankings are unlocked as you upgrade your still and speakeasy, as well as completing missions.

Finding some of these recipes are pretty difficult, as you need to complete the Bootlegger story and hit Rank 12 to unlock the best Red Dead Online Moonshine.

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Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipe Guide

  • Tropical Punch MoonshineCanned PineapplesPearVanilla Flower
  • Berry Mint MoonshineCanned StrawberriesBlackberryMint
  • Evergreen MoonshineEvergreen HuckleberryWintergreen BerryGinseng
  • Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine (Bootlegger Story Progress)AppleBlackberryVanilla Flower
  • Berry Cobbler Moonshine (Rank 2)Canned PeachesRed RaspberryPeach
  • Wild Creek Moonshine (Rank 6)Wild MintVanilla FlowerCreek Plum
  • Spice Island Moonshine (Rank 12)Canned ApricotsGolden CurrantCaribbean Rum
  • Agarita Sunrise (Complete Bootlegger Story)Canned StrawberriesEvergreen HuckleberryAgarita

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