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Zones captured by Lincoln have a certain level of income. This income can be increased by completing additional tasks related to the districts of the city.

These missions are simple and very similar to each other (for example, Lincoln has to steal a truck full of alcohol instead of a boat full of drugs). The general principles of these missions are presented below. You can complete them until the income in the illegal zone reaches the maximum level.

Once your income reaches the maximum level, you must wait for Lincoln’s underboss to gain new areas to control and thus expand his influence.

Missions related to Cassandra

It is best to steal the boat after destroying all the gangsters

Cassandra automatically takes over prostitution and heroin bases. Because of this, additional missions related to Delray Hollow are given to you by Emmanuel Lazare, who works for her. This happens during the “We’re Cool” missions. You can complete the first such quest after killing Richie Doucet and giving Cassandra full control of Delray Hollow.

These missions start with you stealing a boat from a Dixie gang hideout somewhere in the bay. Before approaching the boat, you must get rid of all nearby opponents. Otherwise, Lincoln will be automatically detected and attacked after he is in the boat and starts it.

How To Find Moonshine Trucks Mafia 3

Sail to the dropped cargo and take it on the boat

After stealing the boat, you must take it to the place indicated by the game where the drug will drop. Sail the boat towards the drifting cargoes and press the appropriate button (default Q on the PC version) to take them. Once you’ve collected all the chests, swim towards the harbor and anchor the boat in the marked spot (the circle should change color to blue).

Finally, you must leave the boat and deliver the cargo to its destination with the help of a truck. While driving the boat and truck, you should not be attacked by anyone, but be careful not to destroy the vehicles (or drive the boat on the ground).

Missions related to Burke

How To Find Moonshine Trucks Mafia 3

Get rid of all the enemies guarding the car and then steal it

Paid security and moonshine bases belong to Burke. Because of this, additional missions related to their expansions are given to you by Burke’s daughter Nicky as part of the Righteous missions. The first such mission can be completed after killing the Butcher and thus giving Burke control of Pointe Verdun.

The missions start with you stealing a truck full of alcohol from a Dixie gang hideout somewhere in the bay. Before approaching the vehicle, first try to get rid of all nearby enemies. Otherwise, Lincoln will be automatically detected and attacked after entering the vehicle.

Once you clear the area, get in the car, drive outside the enemy camp and deliver the alcohol to Pointe Verdun.

No one in your path should bother you, but be careful that you do not destroy the vehicle, for example by hitting another vehicle or an indestructible obstacle at high speed.

Missions related to Vito

How To Find Moonshine Trucks Mafia 3

Vito lures smuggling and extortion on himself. In this regard, Alma gives you additional tasks related to the expansion of these zones, as part of the missions “It seems simple enough.” You can complete the first such mission after kidnapping Michael Greco and thus give Vito full control of River Row.

These missions start with you stealing a cargo truck from the Fixy gang’s hideout somewhere in the bay. Before approaching the vehicle, try to eliminate all nearby enemies. Otherwise, Lincoln will be automatically detected and attacked.

Depending on the type of mission, a trailer may be attached to the truck, or you will be forced to connect it yourself. In the latter case, locate the trailer, look behind you, engage reverse gear and drive slowly towards the trailer (example shown in the picture above).

Once you have positioned the truck in the right place, press the button that will allow you to attack the trailer.

How To Find Moonshine Trucks Mafia 3

Drive slowly and accurately around corners

The truck with the cargo should get to one of Vito’s bases. You should not be disturbed by anyone while driving, but you should be careful not to tip over the truck or block it in narrow places.

You have to be especially careful when making a tight turn – you can easily lock yourself into a tree, an indestructible post, or a building. Slow down before these turns and maneuver accurately.

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Once you reach your destination, you must leave the truck at the circle and leave it.


Moonshine (moonshine racket) | Walkthrough – Mafia III Game Guide

Next Story missions Protection Prev Story missions Cut and Run

On this page you will find walkthrough for the large story mission “Moonshine” in which you take over the moonshine racket in Pointe Verdun and then give it to Burke. The final objective of this mission is to removing one of the lieutenants from his position. The mission has many optional objectives and all ways of weakening the enemy racket are presented further in the guide.

Meeting with Nicki Burke

Lure away or kill the gangsters before you break in to one of the boxes on the enemy territory

Nicki Burke is in one of the southern buildings on the scrap yard. Speak to her in order to learn how to weaken the moonshine racket enough to convince the enemy lieutenant Carl Bevers (he manages the distillery) to stop hiding. All points related to that process will be marked on the map with a blue color.

BEFORE you start weakening the racket, you should take interest in all new junction boxes in Pointe Verdun.

Try wiretapping each box (you must of course have enough electronic parts) so that you reveal all weak points of the racket and you will be able to recruit both lieutenants.

Near two boxes there might be some gangsters – kill them (silently or in open shootout) or lure them away, for example by throwing the Screaming Zemi.

Interrogating Bevers' informant

You should start weakening this racket with interrogating one of two Bevers' informants (after you finish the first interrogation the second informer will become inactive).

The modus operandi is same as in previous story missions related to rackets – sneak up on an informant and capture him when he is separated from others (you can help yourself for example by whistling) or run after him if he tries to escape.

Once the interrogation is over, you can kill or recruit him.

Stealing a map with locations of moonshine camps marked on it

The place where you can find the map

The map is on the first floor of the distillery. It is a large and well protected location. You can enter the distillery area by using the eastern door.

Once you enter inside, you should sneak up and silently takedown encountered enemies. If you are detected, you can be quickly overrun by many enemies and die quickly.

Use the stairs, walk through the balconies and reach the room with the map.

Destroying the camps in which the moonshine is produced

There are two camps to be destroyed on the swamps – the eastern and western one. You will learn their locations if you manage to steal the map from the distillery. Once you reach the selected camp, you should eliminate all the guards that are protecting it, but this is not a mandatory step. The most important thing is to destroy the places where the moonshine is produced. In order to do that, aim at the red tanks (as shown on the above picture).

Important – While in the camps, you can also destroy the chests, Molotov's cocktails will be most effective for that. The chests can be also find in locations related to other targets (for example near the informants and the enforcers). Destroying each group of chests will weaken the racket by 1000 dollars.

Stealing the money from the police bar

It is a good idea to whistle to convince the gangster to move away from the door

You will learn the location of the bar and that you can rob it by interrogating the informant. Once you reach the destination, don't try entering through the main entrance and start sneaking up before if you are detected, you will be attacked both by officers and gangsters and police reinforcements will drive there.

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Select a side alley next to the bar and get close to its back door. Wait for the officers to walk away and eliminate the gangster (you should convince him to leave his post for example by whistling).

You will find the money in the kitchen

Walk towards the back door to the bar. Don't break them but complete the minigame with the crowbar. Once you do it, sneak up to the kitchen and silently get rid of the second gangster. The money (10 000 dollars) is lying on the plate. Take it and leave the bar through the same path you walked in.

Murdering Bevers' enforcers

You can attack Caesar from the upper balcony (the one with the sentry)

You must eliminate two enforcers. Dean “Dino” Barbaro is in the alley in the western part of the district. If you have grenades, you should use them because in addition to eliminating the enforcer you can destroy the truck and the supplies and weaken the enemy organization even more.

Caesar de Angelis is in the eastern part of Pointe Verdun. He is inside one of the large buildings and you should get to that building's higher floor. Eliminate the sentry stationed there and then shoot down Caesar from the upper balcony or throw him an explosive surprise.

Initiating a confrontation with Bevers

You can find Bevers on higher floor in the distillery

Once you weaken the moonshine racket enough (actions related to Bevers – the blue points on the map), go back to Nicki. Speak with her and go again to the distillery which you could have visited previously (when you looked for the map of the camps).

Carl Bevers is in the office on one of the higher floors of the distillery.

On the way towards him you should perform silent takedowns on the sentries because there are many enemies in the building even without the reinforcements.

Once you reach the destination, you can open fire or use whistling to convince one of the gangsters to leave the office. Then you can doo the same with Bevers. You can kill or recruit the hostile lieutenant.

Next Story missions Protection Prev Story missions Cut and Run

The Blade Stained Red

in: Mafia III, Missions in Mafia III, Gameplay View source

The Blade Stained Red is a story chapter in Mafia III.


This chapter involves recruiting Thomas Burke and taking over the district of Pointe Verdun. There are two rackets involved, the moonshine racket run by Carl Bevers, and the protection racket run by Sonny Blue. The district has a maximum earn of $100,000.


Cut and Run

Thomas Burke

Pick up the dossier from John Donovan then go see Burke at Duffy's Irish Pub in Pointe Verdun. He will be reluctant to join Lincoln, forcing him to take Burke on a madman drive until he gives in.

A Nation Once Again

Lincoln meets with Burke back at Burke's Iron & Metal and they discuss the situation in Pointe Verdun. This opens up the Vehicle Delivery perk.


Lincoln speaks with Nicki Burke, who tells him the man running the Sweetwater Distillery is named Carl Bevers. His family runs their shine through the business and sells it to local shops. He moves his stills around, but rumor has it he keeps a map for his drivers. Lincoln decides the best way forward would be to convince one of them to tell him where that map is.


Mafia 3 Nicki Burke Side Missions and Favors ‘The Righteously Fucked Guide

Mafia 3 Nicki Burke Side Missions and Favors Guide to help you complete The Righteously Fucked side mission for Nicki Burke.

Nicki is the daughter of Thomas Burke and a lieutenant in the Irish Mob. Planning on starting moonshine operation in the Butcher’s meat facility, Nicki Burke wants you to steal the moonshine from the rednecks in Bayou. Do, however, note that you must complete an Emotional Attachment in Bayou Fantom: Sitdown to get these side missions.

For more help on Mafia 3, read out our Cassandra Side Missions Guide, Burke Side Missions Guide, and Vito Side Missions Guide.

Mafia 3 Nicki Burke Side Missions and Favors Guide

Mafia 3 Nicki Burke Side Missions and Favors Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing The Righteously Fucked mission.

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Nicki Burke Side Missions

The Righteously Fucked: Steal the Moonshine Truck
How to Get: Complete an Emotional Attachment in Bayou Fantom: Sitdown

After speaking with Nicki, head over to the moonshine shipment in Bayou Fantom. Once at the designated location, do not head towards the gas station and instead climb the fence near the carwash. After hopping across, turn right and eliminate a few guards along the way.

From there, you need to head towards the truck, but make sure to clear the area of enemies so that you do not receive unnecessary fire while escaping the area. Once done, drive the truck to the designated location and then talk to Nicki afterwards in order to complete the mission.

Moonshine – Mafia III Wiki Guide – IGN

The following is IGN's walkthrough for the story mission Moonshine in Mafia 3.


In order to start taking down this racket you must first talk to Nicki Burke. She will tell you about the dealings of Carl Bevers’ moonshine racket. Once you’ve finished talking with her, you will notice that you have $30,000 damage remaining on Bevers’ racket. Your mission is to bring this to $0.

To do so, you must attack various hideouts strewn across the map. You will see enforcers to kill, informants to interrogate, supplies to destroy, and businesses to rob. All of these activities will bring down the racket’s earn.

Once the damage remaining has been reduced to $0 you will be able to take on the racket boss.

Once you have reduced this racket’s earn to $0, you can talk to Nicki and she will give you Carl Bevers’ location. Drive to his hideout and enter the facility from the west. Inside the gate, there is one guard for you to take out. Then, continue down the right side of the building in front of you.

Once at the south end, enter through the doorway. Hang to the right of the room and make your way to the middle. You may see NPCs here, but if they don’t have a red marker on the mini-map, they won’t bother you. Once you are about halfway into the room, look to your left and you will see a staircase.

Head up those stairs and take out the guard patrolling here. Continue on until you reach a doorway on your right. Enter through here and make your way around the room. Be sure and grab the med kit on the wall.

Then head through the doorway into the next room Hug the left side of the room as you make your way to the two guards here. Be sure and make use of the cover and your whistle ability. Once you’ve taken both guards out, head through the doorway to your left and grab the money on the table. From there, head up the stairs.

There will be two enemies left here. Once you’re through the door at the top of the stairs, take out the guard and shoot Carl Bevers until he is incapacitated and then perform a takedown.

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